Founded in year 2011, SAKINNA LIVING is a fast growing lifestyle brand that offers wide-ranging interior collection for home. The brand endorses contemporary designs, expressed by clean lines and embellished with a light Asian touch. The result is a universal style that brings forth a beautiful atmosphere for life. SAKINNA LIVING core competencies is in home furnishings and accessories. Our capability is all style of wooden and rattan based furnishing category. So contact us for all of your furnishing needs.

There 5 main reasons why you should choose Sakinna Living.

First: Working Partnership

SAKINNA involves customers as working partners in such way as it forms a binding team. This such working relationship is evident in the success of most projects of the company.

Second: Comparatively Low Prices

SAKINNA assures that the prices quoted are the lowest to compare with other competitors in market regards to the better quality product.

Third: Highly Skilled Craftmanship & Industry Experience

SAKINNA always source its product from high quality in craftmanship resources. Our team consist of multiyears trained and experienced professionals persons that deeply experience in Furniture industry know how. Those have ability in delivering quality services and support to the valued customers.

Fourth: Quality Assurance

The company firmly believes that it is absolutely essential for the company to continuously invest in their processes to be able to achieve world class quality in their deliveries. Due to this attention, its services consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.

Fifth: Sustainable Resource

Sakinna Living only used certified legal wood for export markets and also for domestic market. This is our commitment to participate for ensuring our future sustainability in Wood forestry.

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